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         Our online shop of Muchomenajehosteleria It is designed so that in the easiest way possible you can make your purchase correctly.


         Below we indicate the steps to follow to make your purchase correctly:

Find the article you need, through the Search engine our page by putting the article interested either by name the Categories and subcategories where you will find measurements, colors, formats and several features.


Once located the article, define quantity needed and click on "ADD TO CART"


1st. -SUMMARY: Once added to cart all items that you want to buy, click in "MY CART" and all the products you have selected appear to us. There you can modify the quantity or remove some products from the order made.

On the same page, if you are satisfied with your order, you must select the country and city where you want us to send you your order, and choose the means of transport, and click on "NEXT" to continue to the next step.


2nd. -ENTER: If you are satisfied, please fill in the form to register your details and click on 'CONTINUE'.


3rd. -ADDRESS: In this section you have to confirm that the address provided in the above form is for the delivery of the order, both billing address but so, you must add the new address of delivery of the order, and click on "NEXT".


4th. -SHIPPING: Now you have to choose the method of delivery the order and accept the terms of service of MuchoMenajeHosteleria Once you have read them and be compliant with them, press "NEXT".


5th. -PAYMENT: The last step is to choose the method of payment : Membership account, transfer, credit card or (PayPal + 3.5% of expenditures)



1 income into account

2. bank transfer

3. credit cards

4. PayPal 



1 - ACCOUNT ENTRYTO: MuchoMenajeHosteleria It provides currently banks and account numbers so that they carry out the entry of the order made. If you wish you can send via email) or fax proof of payment. Once the verification of such income, we will proceed with the preparation and submission of your order.


2. - BANK TRANSFER: Muchomenajehosteleria It provides currently banks and account numbers so that they carry out the bank transfer of the performed order. If you wish to expedite your order, you can send us proof of the transfer made via email) or fax. Once the transfer has been received, we will proceed with the preparation and submission of your order.




NUMBER ACCOUNT: 0081 1508 1200 0139 6149


For customers who are from outside Spain, transfers have to enclose the number of IBAN and SWIFT/BIC then I show them.

IBAN: ES85 0081 1508 1200 0139 6149 






3 - CREDIT CARDS: MuchoMenajeHosteleria guarantees a 100% secure purchase, since MuchoMenajeHosteleria does not receive nor has access to any information related to your "credit card", so it is impossible that they may be their data stolen or intercepted, since the collection of the order made in MuchoMenajeHosteleria We do it through from the Secure Redsysthat it provides us with the Bank via the Virtual POS. When you reach the step of pay during the purchase process, if you choose to pay by credit card, it will be redirected to the web to the Bank gateway, this process may take a few seconds, please wait a few seconds. Then the payment will be directly between your card and our bank without any manual intervention on our part.


4 - PAYPAL: MuchoMenajeHosteleria It guarantees a 100% secure purchase, since it's some systems faster and more secure shopping via the Internet. PayPal allows you to shop without sharing bank account numbers or credit card with the seller, has technology fraud prevention who oversees transactions in search of suspicious activities.


PayPal is one of the most important companies of the world in financial services technology, provides processing of payment and risk management services. Its Internet payment service competes with the best financial companies purchase online worldwide.